Who are we?

Why was RACE group PA founded?
We know that by watching George Floyd on TV being killed, it mobilized a whole country to rise up and support the BLM movement, when for decades and centuries black families have had an outcry about police brutality and lack of equity.

Who started RACE group PA?
​It was started by a small group of mothers in Chester County who were concerned about racial equity in our community.

List of some of our volunteers and what we do.

Margaret – Co- Founder and Planning team member
Jackie – Co- Founder and Planning team member 
Christine – Co founder, planning team member and founder of the 20 men project
Janine – Co- Founder and planning team member
Natalie – Co-Founder
Sandy – Planning team member and Photography project volunteer
Cheryl – Planning team member 
Larry – Planning team member
Susan – Planning team member and Photography project volunteer
Corina – Planning team member and Photography project volunteer
Deb – Planning team member and Photography project volunteer
Dana – Planning team member, Website and social media specialist and Photography project volunteer
Sandrien – Planning team member, Website and social media,  volunteer photographer 20 men project
Shawn – Volunteer videographer 20 men project
Yolanda – Planning team member 
Bonnie –  Planning team member 
Rosalie – Planning team member 
Emily – Volunteer copywriter and SEO and social media specialist
Jonette  and Tamera – The Equity Firm
Chester County Law enforcement and legislators – planning, advisory members

​Our sponsors
We thank everyone who donated to the 20 men project Canvasses
Thank you to JLynne Consulting Group for donating 3 canvasses
Thank you to the Wainstein Family for sponsoring our website
​Thank you to our Canvas sponsor ProPrint for donating 10 canvasses

How can you get involved? Become a volunteer.
We need help with keeping our website and social media posts up to date,
responding to emails, schedule sessions for the 20 men photo and video project, create copy and visuals for social media

Why we decided to join RACE group PA

” Often, black men in our community are depicted in a negative light, and we’ve all heard the adage “a picture is worth more than a 1000 words”. Images of black men who are incarcerated or posted on billboards on highways create an unreasonable fear and enhance negative misconceptions in the community, thus propagating implicit bias towards this demographic and inhibiting equity and inclusion.   This project is designed to show men of color in their natural environment, and really highlights the daily lives of the majority of black men in our community. The desired impact is to push back on the negative imagery of black men that has historically been highlighted in the media, and bring to the forefront the humanity of the fathers, sons, grandparents, nephews, brothers…….and yes, neighbors in our community.” – Christine

“I decided to join the RACE Group PA because I have been an eyewitness to racist acts in my community and I want it to stop. The George Floyd murder began a tidal wave of action by Americans who have seen and had enough. People of all races and levels of society have finally come together to stand-up against systemic racism and white nationalists. This moment, this opportunity, cannot be allowed to pass without measurable change.”
– Sandy

“Diversity and representation are two of the core values of my business. In the online space and within the wedding industry, marginalized voices are often silenced just as they are in the rest of society. I believe words have power, and we must choose to use our words for good. I also believe that in many situations it is even more powerful to sit back and allow others to share their own words and experiences. Participating in the 20 Men Project is allowing me to do just that. Dedicating my time to this project is just one of the ways I am working to improve diversity and representation in my physical and online communities. ” – Emily